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White Collar Crime

White collar crime essentially means the crime committed by higher class of society by individual or group during their course of occupation. Usually such employees enjoy a worthy designation in business and use such position to usurp and embezzle in a business transaction. White Collar Crime in Pakistan is also commonly called as crime of educated and professional elites.

Foreign qualified lawyers at DURRANI LAW focus on providing guidance and legal assistance to our clients to dealing with White Collar Crime. The people engaged in White Collar crime usually have better understanding of technology, field they are in and other factors and the crime is seen to be committed in large organisations that cover a large number of activities. Thus White Collar Crimes is common in IT Sector, Trade businesses, Banking Sector, Education Sector, Health Sector and more.

Money Laundering, Cyber Crime including cyber hacking, business frauds, Document Fraud and Forgery, dishonest Issuance of cheque are some of the key examples of White Collar Crime. Our team of expert lawyers have vast experience in the field and have been successfully engaged by our client to combat White Collar Crime.

Our professional team advises and render services to clients on following amongst others:

  • Due diligence
  • Registration of FIR
  • Representation in inquiry before FIA, NAB, Police and related departments and agencies
  • Representation in Investigation Post-FIR
  • Contesting Bail matters
  • Pursue and Represent in court Cases
  • Legal Opinion and consultation